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Stint replacement

The Dr's office called, they set up a scope to take a look at the stint keeping the bile duct open.  We traveled to Portland yesterday and sure enough, the stint had slid down and was sitting just under the blockage, causing a backup of bile again.  Thank goodness they found this before he got sick again.  The poor guy has had jauntice twice.  And, this is his third stint, the first two slid out of place as well.  This one they say is longer and shouldn't slide.  It was done by a different dr in a different hospital so maybe this one will stay in place.  We can only hope.

The tumor is in the head of the pancreas and pressing against the bile duct.

He is feeling ok, he said "not great" but the procedure was only yesterday.  I have to give him so much credit for having a positive attitude.  I hope I would be that strong if I was sitting in his seat. 

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So sorry to hear of your husband's problems. Praying this will relieve some of his issues.
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Praying that the new stint will stay in place this time. He sounds as if he is a very strong man and has a attitude. So sorry he is having problems, yet they found and fixed the problem. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. God bless!
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We are dealing with a similar issue. Steve wasn't able to have the stent put in so has the biliary drain. It doesn't seem to be flowing well internally but it is relieving the jaundice. It has taken a toll on him and his loss of weight is so alarming. Prayers and love to you all.
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Prayers to you and Steve.
that is how my tumor was, putting pressure and displaced bile duct almost, from what I understand.
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