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I thought I would post an update.  Roger went through the Whipple procedure back in May.  We've waited the two months and adjuvant therapy has started.  He is getting Gemcitabine &  Abraxane, three weeks on and one off.  He had a scan, the first one in 4 months and it was clean.  He is more determined than ever to beat this thing and despite being tired, has started jogging again.  It's been hard but he started out walking, walking faster and then moving into a jog.  He was an avid jogger up until a few years ago.  He is hoping if he can be physically active that his body will be in a better place to fight the cancer.

Another problem that came up again is lightheadedness.  Wow, that's a big word.  It's not when he first gets up but after maybe 10 steps.  We are going to tell the doctor about it Tuesday but wonder if anyone else has experienced this.  I know you are wondering about the jogging.  He is acutually running on a grassy path on our property, if he were to fall, he is better off outside than inside.  He fell today in the house, I wasn't home but he falls hard at home.  This really worries me, most of our floors are hard wood.  He's fallen a few times getting out of bed at night but we put up a rail and that's been helpful.

I'm hoping you are all doing well out there and the only news we all hear from now on is good news.  God bless you all.




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Thomas, Beth threw a punch at your cancer.
Beth sent you a prayer.
Nancy sent you a hug.
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That's awesome that he is running! Way to fight!!!
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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....the like issue is can now like something and stay where you are.....
Pawsome news to hear Uncle is back into jogging *thumping tailwags* Wot a warrior! Sorry to hear though that he gets the dizzies - someone here will surely have advice/hints for this. Facelicks to you both :*)
I think it's great that he's jogging again, another step to normalcy that he would not do if he could not.
Roger should do very well. Did you know Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was diagnosed with Stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer nearly a decade ago? She also survived a separate and completely unrelated colon cancer. Notorious RBG had the Whipple (like Roger and my husband) and is cancer-free as far as I know. RBG and Roger are both so lucky to have been diagnosed without lymph node man had positive nodes and surgical margins (Stage 2B initially; now he's stage 4).
I think the lightheadedness is normal considering everything he's been through. My husband started needing hydration boosts when he was taking gemcitibine/abraxane, so I hope Roger is staying well hydrated - since dehydration may the the cause for the lightheadedness. I'm sorry to report that he'll probably start experiencing some neuropathy in his feet, but I'm hoping his course of chemo won't be too long and he can look forward to a treatment-free life. Thanks for this great update: I am so happy things are going well for you! XO
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It's great that he's jogging! Walking and speed walking helped me a great deal in the healing process and combating the side effects of the treatments. Wonderful update on the clean scan!!!
What a fighter!! Good for him. I hope he feels better and stronger each day. Give him my best :)
Deborah, Roger sounds like a courageous man to be starting tojog. I wish him (and you) the best of luck.
Great to hear he is staying active!
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