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Scan Anxiety and the wait.

My husband Roger is scheduled for a PET scan on Wednesday and will get the results the following Wednesday.  Ugh, I hate waiting that long. He has been extremely tired, has no appetite, nausea and just feels sick all over.  We are hoping the symptoms are the side effects of the Whippe operation he had with that took 1/3 of his pancreas, part of his stomach and a few other spare things.  His C 19-9 test came back elevated to 799 indicating something could be going on cancer wise which is why we are concerned.  They say life after the Whipple is one digestive problem after another.   We are finding that to be true.  We did just return from a trip to Arizona and I'm happy to say he got to enjoy many of his old activities while there, at least for the first half of the trip.  We did some hiking in the Tucson desert, bike riding and saw old freinds.  As anyone with cancer knows, living life is like a dance.  You enjoy a good day and then have two down days, or two good days and three down.  I feel bad for him because when he is having a good day he is still not doing what he would be doing if cancer wasn't in the picture.  This disease takes so much from us daily.  This is my story today, hoping for a good day tomorrow.  I will write again after getting the results from the scan.  I hope everyone here is happy and doing well.  

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We have paws and fingers crossed for good scan results. The break away to Arizona must've been wonderful and sounds like Roger had a great time. Wishing you only good days *hugs* :*)
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Will keep you in my 🙏🏻, both blanket cancer prayer and a particular one I have. Worry is not good for either of you but it's hard to not worry. I will pray for good or at least ok news. If a problem, many remedies available and more on the way! God bless.
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Big hugs as you both go through this fight.
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Hoping you have many good days ahead. And for the inevitable bad ones ahead, may they seem short and full of the rememberance of impermanence. I hope the scan brings good news. 🥊🥊🥊🙏🙏🙏
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