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Oncologist Yesterday

We went to our oncologist appoinment yesterday and found him to be helpful and hopeful despite the unfavorable scan results and Roger's harsh reaction to treatment.  He said he would like to treat the cancer for 2 months and scan again, to see if there is benefit.  He also ordered a smaller dose.  We asked what the expected benefit would be versus no treatment.  He responded 6 months without treatment and with treatment it would be doubled.  I'm not sure if I believe these time frames because there are times he can't eat or drink for days, but we've  been surprised  before.  He recomended a trip to  Dana Farber in Boston to be considered for clinical trials.  We've done that before, this time he will make the referral.  

I think I have a stomach ache thinking about the next week as I nurse Roger through these times.  He's such a trooper and not a complainer.  Roger agreed to go on with treatment for now, but at some point may reverse that decision.  He doesn't want to miss out on the few good periods of time that are possible before the end and is feeling  concerned.  They say doctors are not necessarily upfront with informing the patient when there is no more benefit to receiving, which is why we will be asking when in doubt.

I hope everyone is having a good day.  The weather here in Maine is perfect this time of year.  We love it.

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Deborah, I hope the lesser dose will be easier for Roger and that you get some R&R with the lessened nursing needs. Be sure to take care of yourself in spite of the roughness of this experience. Roger sounds like such a wonderful man. And you are a perfect caregiver. Best wishes and prayers for you both.
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Linda, you are so kind. I have a sister named Linda. He is a great guy and I've been so lucky to have him. I hope you are doing well.
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You know ...I think about you and Roger ...I send love which is all I can do and. ....that makes me sad that I cannot do more...I want to be hopeful and say something uplifti n g...and all I can do is send love and that feels soooo inadequate and so paltry...and yet it is all I just breaks my heart to hear what you are experiencing....hugs and love to Roger and you...hugs, prayers, and love
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Aunty, we have paws and fingers crossed that a scan in 2 months shows good results. We can't but help feel hopeful and are sending all the pawsitive vibes we can. Purraying that time is gentle and those sweet memory-making days keep rolling on. Hugs :*)
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Thomas, you have a wonderful way with words. One result so far is his pain level has decreased. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the ugly cancer is shrinking.
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I think the fact that your md wants to give it another two months' tx poses hope. But I understand Roger's apprehension with continuing. I'd go with the two months more tx, you never know what it may accomplish if you don't try and the reduced dose will make a big difference in his comfort level. Cisplatin has been known to make people awfully sick, but I had a reduced dose and did not get ill. I like the Dana Farber idea also. Whatever decision the two of you come to will be based on the fabric of you own lives, as it should be, because this is YOUR journey. We are walking beside you in thought and with support. God bless.
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We are going to go the two months. If he can't tolerate it we are hoping for a clinical trial. We remain hopeful but maybe we are hoping for a little less than what we hoped for in the beginning of the journey. And, we know occasionally people responds much better than expected and the cancer is controlled or eliminated. Wouldn't that be nice. So you are right, hope is important. Thanks for your comment.
I say to Roger, enjoy the time you have left rather than be miserable, from chemo. (Since you have, "Been there, done that." Who knows, Deborah, he may live beyond the doc's prediction; while (hopefully) with a bit more energy and improved ability to eat. Blessings and prayer.
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Thanks Carol. We are doing this 2 months and will see if it makes a difference. He dosent want to be miserable leading up to death. It’s hard to know when the right time is because there are no difinative answers. Thanks for commenting.
I know these are difficult decisions for both of you. Praying for good results with a lower dose with less side effects.
Hugs to you both! I had a reduction of 25% on my second round of chemo as I had a horrible reaction to first round. I also couldn’t eat or drink and lost a lot of weight. It was way better on the reduced dose - only one small mouth sore on my tongue instead of my entire mouth, lips, & throat! Hang in there!!
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