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You can't make this stuff up

As if later stage pancreatic cancer is not enough my poor husband wrestled with a kidney stone a few days ago.  We went to the ER twice, once at 5 am and again at 9:30 that morning.  I remembered from the fine print of a report that he had unobstructive stones in both kidneys.  It was then they decided to scan and found a 1.2 cm x .7 mm stone in the tube from his kidney to his bladder.  For a kidney stone, that's huge.  The stone ruptured the tube allowing urine and contrast to leak into him.  With a cancer patient they didn't fool aorund.  He was transported to a larger hospital in Bangor and a plastic tube was incerted in the ureter, from the kidney to the bladder that night.  They also said he needed to have a catheter for a full week to keep things clear and running.  So, we are here at home with a bag he carries round in one of my shopping bags and if we need to go out, there's a handy bag he can strap to his leg.  We went to a fourth of July gathering for about an hour today so that was a nice break.  It's been so hot the last few days I even took a dip in their swimming pool.  All is good again, or as good as it can be.  Having a bag fo a week we can deal with.  

We both felt releived that this pain was not cancer related.  Since being on 5 FU the terrible cancer pain he had daily completely disappeared.  He was able to go off opoid painkillers and really wanted to stay off of them.  As bad as a kidney stone is, at least it's not cancer.  

I hope everyone had a great fourth of july and I hope you all ate too much.  

Love and hugs to my BFAC friends. 


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Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
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Ugh that’s rough! I’m sorry to hear that! Happy fourth to you both! 🎇🤗
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In honor of Independence Day, keep up the good fight
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*soft paw* Wow, what a huge stone! And in the tubing too - no wonder it was so darn painful. Good to hear they jumped on this quick smart and got him comfortable. Yes, there's enough to deal with without all this added drama and pain. Nice to hear you had a good July 4th - we must say that we love the way Americans get right behind Independence Day, we love your patriotism and kinship. Australia could take a leaf out of your book, we reckon. New Zealand too. Nobody parties quite like America! *high paws* Take care. You are both in our prayers xx :*)
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First I'm so happy the 5FU took his ca pain away! Ehhh, those non-daylight trips to the ER.....BUT, as you said, a week and the foley comes out 👍🏻. And you had a little break st the BBQ 🌭. You both amaze me and I admire you so much. 😘
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It all sounds terrible but you both handle it so well. I am in awe of our strength and courage. Stay strong.❤️
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Hugs to both of you! I am glad to hear that there is a positive side to being on chemo. Pain is a terrible thing.
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